Making collaborative finance easy.

Making Collaborative Finance easy.

Greaterthan develops tools and practices to make financial management in organizations more collaborative, open and transparent. 


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Money makes collaboration real.

Collaborative finance is a powerful tool to increase engagement, transparency and agility in organisations, networks, communities and groups.  

Greaterthan offers workshops, trainings and consulting for groups ready to learn how collaborative finance can work for them. Our team creates roadmaps to collaborative finance, while ensuring alignment with governance, decision making, culture and administration.


The right tools make it easy.

The flagship software tool of the Greaterthan ecosystem, Cobudget, helps groups allocate funds collaboratively and transparently.

Our Products

Cobudget: Collaborative Resource Allocation

A tool that makes it easy for organizations and groups to allocate funds collaboratively and transparently.

The idea is simple: group members receive funds in their cobudget account. They can propose projects and activities and allocate their own funds to support the proposals of others in the group.


The Team

We come from a rich tradition of cooperative entrepreneurship, self-governing teams, and open source software. 

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Francesca Pick

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Michael Arnoldus

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Kate Beecroft

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Juliana Lopker

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Our Advisors


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Anthony Cabraal

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