The A to Z of Cobudget: Collaborative Funding in Action.

Collaborative Funding is a process that allows groups to allocate resources collaboratively and transparently. It enables participation in budgeting and financial processes, and creates transparency and understanding of money flows. Do you want to implement collaborative resource allocation in your group but don't know how and where to start? Then this is a great starting point. 

Cobudget is suited for organisations that want to...

  • Catalyse collaborative behaviour

  • Create more participation & transparency in their financial and budgeting processes

  • Empower employees / members to take initiative by including them in decisions on resource allocation

  • Start their first collaborative funding process with the help of the tool Cobudget

Our Offer

To get you started with collaborative funding, we will guide you through 5 phases: 

  1. Discovery session with your group to assess how Cobudget can be most useful for your organisation. 
  2. Setup your first Cobudget round
  3. Onboard your group & kick-off the first Cobudget round
  4. Ongoing support & facilitation of Cobudgeting in your organisation
  5. Train members of your organisation to run the process independently (optional)


  • We will have established parameters and processes for establishing Cobudgeting in your organisation
  • Your group is seamlessly onboarded onto Cobudget
  • The first Cobudgeting round established and prototyped within your organisation

  • Accounts/administration team understands collaborative funding 

  • Reports and analytics on your collaborative funding participant engagement and trends