Making collaborative finance easy.

Collaborative Finance: an Introduction & Experience

A Masterclass for organisations that want to...

  • Foster a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and transparency
  • Catalyse collaborative behaviour in a very tangible way
  • Empower employees or members to take initiative and be accountable, by including them in decision-making

Collaborative finance is a powerful way to increase engagement, agility, and transparency in organisations, networks, communities and groups. With the right tools, practices and support, doing collaborative finance is easy. This Masterclass gives an introduction to collaborative finance and how it can be applied to your organisation.

A 4-part session

Part 1

Why Collaborative Finance?

The pain points collaborative finance addresses and opportunities it creates. 

Part 2

Leading Examples. 

Case studies & use cases of organisations implementing collaborative and transparent financial practices.

Part 3

Your organisation.

Assess how collaborative finance can solve problems in your organisation. Analyze money flows and learn key steps to get started with collaborative finance.  

Part 4

Collaborative Finance in action.

Experience and practise collaborative finance with a live demo of the collaborative funding tool Cobudget.


After this Masterclass, participants will have:

  • increased literacy about money flows in your organisation

  • gained insight on whether collaborative finance is the right solution to address challenges around engagement, innovation, agility and transparency.

  • understood the process, use case and benefits of collaborative finance

  • lived an experience of collaborative finance to build the foundations implementing it within your organisation

Our Offer

1-Day Masterclass in your organisation


30 participants max.

Customized content based on your needs & group size

Community prices available



Francesca Pick

Years of experience in building networked organisations, implemeting collaborative governance and experimenting with new models of value distribution in OuiShare and Enspiral.


Kate Beecroft

Practical self-management and collabortive governance expert, facilitator and advisor for social impact businesses from Enspiral.